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General Information

With the continued growth of our shows in 2021 we are excited to annouce that we are expanding three of our shows to utilize all 3 Salons in 2022. We will have access to 12,000 sq.ft., from the current 8,000 sq.ft.

Our shows are held at the following location:

Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center
  200 W Albany St.
  Broken Arrow, OK 74012

We will be hosting 5 shows in 2022, on the following dates:

  • March 19th - 3 Salons - 150 tables MAX - 139 tables/42 vendors
  • May 14th - 2 Salons - 115 tables MAX - 116 tables/30 vendors - *** SOLD OUT ***
  • July 23rd - 3 Salons - 150 tables MAX - as of June 11th we are currently at 150 tables/40 vendors - *** SOLD OUT ***
  • October 1st - 2 Salons - 115 tables MAX - This show was originally scheduled for September 24th - WE'VE HAD TO POSTPONE THE SHOW BY ONE WEEK
  • November 19th (FINALE SHOW) - 3 Salons - 150 tables MAX

We ask that ALL vendors adhere to the following:

1. Tables are 2' x 6'; prices are as follows:
 a. $25 per table
 b. $20 per table (T-Town Wheeler's Members)
 d. Tables, table covers and chairs are provided by the hotel. If you have floor displays/table attachments you may continue to use them.
 e. Please use the chart below to ensure you have adequate table space. Below is the recommended table conversion from the 8' x 30" tables to 6' x 2' tables.

  1 - 8' table = 2 - 6' tables   2 - 8' table = 4 - 6' tables   3 - 8' table = 5 - 6' tables
  4 - 8' table = 7 - 6' tables   5 - 8' table = 9 - 6' tables   6 - 8' table = 10 - 6' tables

2. ALL table space MUST be PAID for 30 days prior to the show, NO PAYMENT! NO TABLES!
 a. You'll have the option of reserving and paying for the next show at the end of the current show.
 b. Payment due dates:
  i. March 19th - DUE by February 19th
  ii. May 14th - DUE by April 14th
  iii. July 23rd - DUE by June 23rd
  iv. September 24th - DUE by August 24th
  v. November 19th - DUE by October 19th

3. Refunds are as follows:
 a. 100% REFUND if you CANCEL 14 DAYS BEFORE the show - Cash/Check refund OR you can rebook for a future show.

4. ALL payments must be PAID TO the T-Town Wheeler's Treasurer, by CASH, CHECK or USPS MONEY ORDER.
 a. In person
 b. T-Town Wheeler's PO Box:

  T-Town Wheeler's
  PMB 133
  8703-R North Owasso Expressway
  Owasso, Oklahoma 74055

 c. Please make your check or money order payable to the T-Town Wheeler's

5. The shows will operate from 8:00am to 3:00pm
 a. Vendor setup is from 5:00am - 8:00am - Once you've completed unloading PLEASE move your vehicle to the outer parking spaces.
 b. Doors open at 8:00am for early bird access for T-Town Wheeler's Members (Entry by ID badge ONLY)
 c. Doors open at 9:00am to the General Public
 d. Teardown/packing WILL NOT START until 3:00pm UNLESS you completely sell out.

6. ALL vendors/vendor helpers WILL BE REQUIRED to wear vendor IDs (provided by the T-Town Wheeler's). We have many vendors who travel outside the local area who may or may not know other vendors.

7. We ask that selling between vendors start at 8:00am, vendors may hold your items at their discretion for you to purchase at or after 8:00am.

8. This is a diecast show, anything diecast is allowed of any scale or any brand.

9. Discounted room rates at the Stoney Creek Hotel for Friday/Saturday nights:
 a. $89+tax per night (Regular: $129+tax per night) - Please contact us for booking information.

Click to visit the Stoney Creek Hotel

10. If you belong to a car/truck club or know someone who does and might be interested in displaying their cars/trucks we also host a car show out in the parking lot in conjunction with our show.
 a. 40 Car/Truck maximum - If your club has more than 40 members who want to participate - split the day with morning (9:00am to noon) or afternoon (noon to 3:00pm) slots.
 b. Outdoor show starts at 9:00am and runs till 3:00pm.
 c. For more information or to register your club or car please use the link below:

Contact us for Car Show Registration or more Information

We know that there are a lot of changes with the new venue but we would ask each of you set up at least one show and give the new venue a try. We think once see the new venue you'll be quite satisfied!

For any questions, concerns, comments or suggestions please contact a T-Town Wheeler’s Officer

For more information please check the T-Town Wheeler’s Facebook page, website or email us:

DOWNLOAD the Vendor Reservations Form

Contact T-Town Wheelers

Phone: (918) 812-9991
Email: info@t-townwheelers.com